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Full Name :   Jedidiah Kunze
Gender :   male
Age :   41
State :   Florida
Country :   United States
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Cave Splorin
sub-category : Salt Water Scuba Diving
img 11-04-2010

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You can do anything in Miami. I grew up here and took my Boston Whaler out four or five times a week during the summer growing up. I was barely 16 but mom and dad trusted me. It wasn't until I was 21 and had graduated from THE 'U" that I started scuba diving. I had always just snorkeled. Let me tell ya...having a little air at 30 feet down is the only way to go. These shots were taken last spring (2010) about 10 miles southeast of Miami and about 3 miles offshore. The water conditions were perfect and a good friend of mine, Dan Kiplinger wanted to take me 'caving'. He had logged a great place into his nautical GPS and we went straight there. The water was pristine and the caves exhilarating. I got a little claustrophobic a couple times but the adrenaline rush was worth it.
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