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Sea Snake Between the Legs
sub-category : Salt Water Scuba Diving
img 12-16-2010

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Took a scuba vacation to the Phillipines last spring and got to explore the famous Canyons in Puerto Galera. We saw Kingfish and Sweetlips near the caves we explored. There was a pretty good current there and we got pushed along for a while before you realized how far you’ve gone. I saw a big school of Rabbitfish just sitting in the current I was drifting in. I was able to get this amazing shot of this white banded sea snake that just swam up and through the legs of one of the guys on the tour with us. Those suckers are way venomous but very docile. Lucky for him. It freaked him out pretty bad, though. The resort we stayed at, the Atlantis Puerto Galera, was really fun, too. We met a lot of cool people and the food was really good.
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